Founder of Earth Day & President of the Bullitt Foundation

As president of the Bullitt Foundation, Denis leads an effort to mold the major cities of Pacific Northwest and British Columbia into models of sustainability for a rapidly urbanizing planet. The Foundation applies ecological principles to the design of healthy, resilient human ecosystems. Under his leadership, the Foundation designed and constructed the Bullitt Center—the world’s greenest office building—which it operates as a commercial enterprise.

Denis was the principal national organizer of the first Earth Day in 1970 and took the event international in 1990.

Located in Seattle, The Bullitt Center is the world’s most sustainable commercial building. Denis Hayes, President of the Bullitt Foundation discusses what makes it run so efficiently.


One of the original founders of Earth Day in North America, Denis Hayes shares what it took to get the event off the ground, and the epiphany that led him to a life dedicated to the environment.