Fellow of the Royal Society, Professor of Chemistry at Durham University

Professor Jas Pal Badyal, FRS, is internationally recognized for his pioneering research on the functionalization of solid surfaces. He has invented a wide range of novel surfaces for technological and societal applications including antibacterial to prevent the spread of disease, fog harvesting in arid climates, and water purification.

How does an inventor of waterproof surfaces, those applied to smartphones and hearing aids, approach biomimicry so successfully? A Fellow of the Royal Society, Professor Jas Pal Badyal and his students have used biomimicry to create amazing innovations that are changing the world.

Professor Jas Pal Badyal has been celebrated for his many innovations in bio inspired surfaces, success he attributes to his students. Together they have patented many useful surfaces, from waterproofing smartphones to removing pollution from water, Badyal’s biomimetic technologies are changing the world.