Architect on The Eden Project; Director, Exploration Architecture

Michael Pawlyn established Exploration Architecture in 2007 to focus on designing high performance buildings and solutions for the circular economy. Previously he worked with Grimshaw and was central to the team that designed the Eden Project. Michael Pawlyn also jointly initiated the widely acclaimed Sahara Forest Project.

We are often surrounded by people who point out problems, without presenting solutions. Michael Pawlyn urges designers, architects and engineers to look to nature, so that they can find solutions, be problem solvers, and help us live in a more sustainable world.

Michael Pawlyn shares the story of designing The Eden Project, the worlds largest greenhouse, which, thanks to biomimicry, is also the most efficient.

Biomimicry champion Michael Pawlyn discusses how he brought biomimicry into even the smallest aspect of his work – the table it would be displayed on – and in the process, created an incredibly efficient structure.

Michael Pawlyn breaks the myth that it costs more to be environmentally conscious. In fact, it is often just the opposite.